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Common Name: Dimethomorph

Formulation: 50% WP

ACROBAT is a systemic fungicide that protects plants from fungi in the water mould family, such as Late blight and Downy mildew. ACROBAT moves up the treated plant stem and into growing leaves. It also has anti-sporulant activity, which helps to prevent the spread of blight between plants.

Acrobat can control the late blight disease in potato, tomato crops very effectively. Acrobat need to be mixed with contact fungicide for effective control of late blight disease.

Recommended Dosages:

1 to 1.5 gm per Litre, Based on Intensity of the disease.

Targeted Pest Downy mildew in Grapes and Other crops. Late blight in Potato, tomato and other crops


  • ACROBAT provides excellent control of Oomycities fungal diseases in important crops.
  • ACROBAT has Translaminar Action – Good uptake into sprayed leaves. Acts on treated plants parts but isalso redistribution in the plant tissue.
  • ACROBAT provides good rainfastness and longer residual control. Offers good residual activity for long spay intervals
  • ACROBAT offers a unique and novel mode of action with no cross-resistance to Phenylamide or strobilurine.
  • ACROBAT is effective against different stages of fungal lifecycle.
  • ACROBAT prevents sporulation much better than many other fungicides. The anti-sporulant. activity of
  • ACROBAT fungicide stops, contains and kills Late blight spores, preventing the spread of blight between plants and neighbouring fields.
  • ACROBAT has a unique mode of action which disintegrates cell wall to kill the pathogen.
  • ACROBAT is effective against different stages of fungal lifecycle.Mode of Action

ACROBAT affects cell wall production in fungi by inhibition of sterol synthesis. It disintegrates cell wall (Cell wall lysis) to kill the pathogen.

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Dimethomorph 50% WP

Manufacturer:Saraswati Agro Chemicals



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