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Boron is a water soluble Boron micronutrient fertilizer, a vital element for sustainable crop growth.


  • The main function of Boron relate to cell wall strengths & development, cell division, fruit & seed development, sugar translocation & hormone synthesis.
  • The Boron requirement at flowering & seed set may be higher than that needed for vegetative growth.
  • Boron (B) has a significant effect in pollen germination & pollen tube growth. The viability of pollen grains also decreases when B is deficient.
  • Boron (B) deficiency increases the drop of buds & flowers, resulting in significant reduction in seed & fruit set & also in the quality of fruits, seeds, nuts etc.
  • Boron maintains calcium (Ca) in soluble form & thus ensure its proper utilization.

Correction Of Boron Deficiencies With Foliar Sprays

  • Both soil & plant tissue analysis is strongly recommended to assess the available Boron status for all commercial crops. A combination of soil Dose & foliar sprays, depending upon the plant species may be needed when results of soil & Plant analyses indicate a low supply of available Boron for the current crop.
  • Foliar spray of  Boron at the pre-bloom or bloom stages of fruit & nut crops supplies available Boron at the critical periods of pollen formation, germination and fertilization just prior to seed & fruit set. Foliar applied Boron is rapidly absorbed by the leaves and flower buds.

Standard Dose of Foliar Spray: @ 50 gm to 100 gm of  Boron is to be dissolved in 100 Liters of clean water & spray during cooler parts of the day i.e. early morning or late evening.


Soil Application / Fertigation: 500gms per acre per application. Repeat whenever required.

Compatibility: Boron is Compatible with all kinds of fertilizers & pesticides normally used.
But we recommend specialist advise.

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HSN: 28332990

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