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We offer Bountee Growth Promoter. The judicious application of plant growth promoters which can improve the growth and development, bush architecture and physiology seems to be the right answer. This is also a simple and cost effective way.

The R&D wing of Godrej Agrovet ltd. has developed a new generation plant growth promoter – Bountee. Bountee contains Brassinolides, which are natural substances with profound plant growth promoting activities. It triggers the enzymes in the plants, thereby improving their physiological efficiency, growth and development, resulting in higher yields. The active ingredients in Bountee are in readily absorbed form, making it highly effective as a foliar spray.

Extensive evaluation of Bountee under large scale field trials at TRA, Jorhat and at UPASI, Valparai exhibited maximum yield response when foliar spray was given during peak plucking season that is namely, April -May and September -October.

Bountee Ensures:

Early ‘bud break’ in pruned bushes
Increased rate of photosynthesis and partitioning of assimilates.
Increased leaf area and number of pluckable shoots per unit area.
Reduction in banjhi buds
Enhanced productivity without deterioration’s in quality
Drought tolerance under moisture stress


Bountee is non-toxic and absolutely safe for mammals, birds and fish
No adverse effect on quality of tea
Causes no adverse residual effects
Dosage: 100 ml Bountee has to be sprayed in 400 litres of water .
Spray Schedule: Bountee should be sprayed on monthly intervals coinciding with the onset of flush in tea as well as during peak cropping period.

Presentation: Bountee is available in 100 ml and 500 ml HDPE bottles

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