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Commando is a single dose acute rodenticide. It is economical and is effectively used to reduce rodent infestations instantly. It is a broad spectrum rodenticide hence used to control a wide range of vertibrates such as mice, rats, ground squirrels, voles, rabbits etc.

Zinc phosphide is an inorganic compound that combines phosphorus with zinc. It is used in rodenticide baits. When an animal eats the bait, the acid in the animal’s stomach turns the zinc phosphide into phosphine. Phosphine is a very toxic gas. Phosphine is also released by aluminum phosphide and magnesium phosphide. These are used as fumigants in stored grain.

Zinc phosphide has been registered for use in pesticide products in the United States since 1947.

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Manufacturer : EXCEL CROP CARE LTD
HSN: 3808

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