DECIS 2.8% 250 ML

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Decis®, is one of the oldest and very successful BCS product. The success of Decis®, is based on two pillars: its extraordinary features, such as broad spectrum, multi-crop and quick knock-down effect, and its excellent awareness in the global agricultural world. Decis®, is a non-systemic insecticide which acts by contact and ingestion to sucking and chewing insects. Its high lipophilicity provides a high affinity with the insect cuticle.

  • Fast knockdown
  • Broad spectrum
  • Multi-crop
  • Unique chemistry based on one isomer
  • Easy to mix  – very good tank-mix ability
  • Low rates per hectare
  • Low operator impact
  • Low PHI
  • Broad coverage of MRLs and import tolerances
  • High crop compatibility
  • Selective to many Beneficial’s
  • Proven efficacy for 30 years
  • Established molecule
  • Low costs
  • Quickly breakdown in soil
  • Safe for the environment and to consumers

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Manufacturer : BAYER

HSN: 3808


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