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Mancozeb is a protective fungicide which reacts with, and inactivates sulfhydryl (SH) groups of aminoacids and enzymes of fungal cells, resulting in disruption of lipid metabolism, respiration and production of ATP.


  • Broad spectrum disease control – Indofil M-45 is an effective protectant fungicide which control diseases caused by all four major classes of plant pathogens in wide range of the cross.
  • King of fungicides – Widely used and trustworthy fungicide which offering effective control of wide of disease.
  • Wide spectrum use – Used for foliar sprays, seed treatment and nursery drenching in many crops.
  • Fit for resistance management – Due to multisite mode of action, the risk of resistance development is very low; therefore, it can be used repeatedly for number of years.
  • Cost effective – Cost benefits for disease control over non-EBDCs.
  • Provide nutrients – Potential health benefit to the plant by providing Manganese and Zinc as micro nutrients.
  • Prevent from frost damage- Best fungicide to be used along with systemic fungicides for protective and curative control of disease and to prevent of delay resistance development.
  • Environmentally safe – Low persistence in environment as it rapidly degrades in soil and water, no leaching potentia


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Manufacturer :INDOFIL

HSN: 3808


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