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Micro Nutrient

Product Description

  • This is a complete plant food which contains all essential plant nutrients like major – N,P,K; secondary – Ca, Mg, S and multi-micronutrients like Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Boron & Molybdenum
  • This increases the initial vigor of plants and induces resistance to disease & pest
  • It helps plants to resist environmental stress in a better way, improves significantly the growth, yield and quality of the produce
  • Remarkable visual impact can be seen within 6 – 7 days after the spray
  • It is compatible with most of the pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers that are commonly used

Dissolve 2ml of Multiplex Kranti in one litre of water and spray on both surfaces of the leaves. First spray: 30–35 days after germination. Second spray: 15 days after first spray.

Additional Details:

  • Complete Plant Food

Other Informationm:

  • Multiplex ARECA GREEN contains secondary and micro-nutrients in balanced form. Multiplex ARECA GREEN improves soil characterisitic such as soil structure, and base saturation. It also corrects soil pH. It contains magnesium & hence increases the chlorophyll pigments & thereby increase photosynthetic activities, resulting in higher crop yield. Sulphur present in the product reduces the salinity in the soil. Micronutrients Induces regular flowering and better nut setting. It also helps to reduce the Yellow leaf disease, increase the weight of the nuts resulting in increased yield.



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