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RANGEELA is a world renowned insecticide of Neonicotinide group for sucking insects.It controls the sucking insects very effectively by its extraordinary systemic action. DOSAGE 2.5 ml per 1 litre water.
* RANGEELA has the ability to control the insects which gained resistance against other insecticides.
* RANGEELA is compatible with other commonly used Insecticides and Fungicides. It’s compatible with plant micronutrients or plant fertilizers or with plant growth regulator/ promoter. * persists in crops and hence has the ability to control the hiding insects for a longer time.
It is a modern insecticide of Phenylpyrazole group which controls the insect pests of vegetables,chilli effectively. It controls the insects by its contact, stomach and systemic action. It gives effective and long duration control of thrips in various crops.
It can be used to kill the thrips, whitefly, aphids and jassids at home gardening
Important information
Legal Disclaimer:

1. Manufacturer: Gharda Chemicals Limited 2. Company or The seller are not responsible for anything happend because its poison 3. keep away from food, children, people, animals and old age people 4. only for agriculture and gardening usage 5. Results will be fruitful based on the application, weather and plants or crops condition. 6. Care should be taken while applying or spraying 7. If any bad happens please contact doctor or do necessary first aid 8. Warranty Details for this offer: We also have some home based insecticides products selling in the products lists. Therefore, it is compulsory for the customer to take special care with their uses. To handle any insecticide, use the product as per the given instructions on the product or label and the product should be used with safety tools and equipment. Keeping the product at home, so that the children cannot be reach there. Always keep these products away from the children’s. LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY- The user is legally responsible for any damage due to misuse of Insecticides. Responsibility extends to effects caused by Toxic, allergic, hazard to use human, drift, runoff, or residues. PERSONAL SAFETY- Follow label directions carefully. Avoid splashing, spilling, leaks, spray drift, and contamination of clothing. NEVER eat, smoke, drink, or chew while using Insecticides. Provide for emergency medical care IN ADVANCE as required by regulation. When you order a product, it means that you understand all the information. ********************* 9. Compay or the seller understand that, You are buying the product by reading all the legal information details. 10. Seller or Company or Amazon are not forcing you to buy this item/product, as per your inerest only you are buying the item/product.

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